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"in Vino Sanitas" - Health Secrets Of Red Wine
By Lisa Crea

In Vino Sanitas.." When the Romans said that In There is Health, they proclaimed the benefits of drinking red wine. The French Paradox might say that people in France will less likely die of heart attacks than their American counterparts, but it doesn't mean that it's too late to enjoy a glass of the sparkling reds that's truly heart healthy for you.

What is the Big Secret? The answer is... Resveratrol. This compound is found in grapevines used for red wines, grape seed pills and grape seed extracts. Resveratrol is nature's powerful antioxidant which helps your body ward off cell damage caused by free radicals from sun exposure and pollution.

Is Resveratrol good for the body? You may have been astonished when your doctor actually told you to drink red wine. If you don't like drinking it, you can always opt for supplements in pill form. There have been no negative side effects for people who had taken it. In fact, this heart healthy compound helps fight dangerous

blood clots that can lead to heart strokes and cancer.

Young and Healthy...for real? Researchers have always said that red is good for the heart and keeps you young as well, if taken in moderation. It was found that as the body ages, the cell's DNA become damaged. This damage can make the body's cell switch on the wrong genes that could harm itself. However, thanks to Resveratrol and your body has a strong ally in repairing damages in your cells.

Drinking red could be a pleasurable part of your meal. Everyone can partake in this healthful habit. But if you want Resveratrol in its purest and potent form, you may choose to take the pill version instead.

Studies are being done to reveal the maximum health benefits of this wonder substance in every grape seed and skin that could help us fight everything, from diabetes to old age. Resveratrol could even be the future's Holy Grail against aging and we could only wait for additional information in the future.

Live Longer.†

For more information on how to support your healthy heart and ensure optimum cardiovascular health please visit: Pulse-8's advanced formula is not only rich in L-Arginine, but it comes with 8 other super ingredients that your heart will love, including powerful Resveratrol (Red-Wine Extract).

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